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Autumn Classes!

    Leaves are starting to collect on the trails and I actually felt like I needed to put on a sweater to go out the other day.  Autumn is sending reminders that it’s on it’s way and with it comes more time to keeping cozy and craft.

   We’re pleased to offer you the Sew Easy Autumn Class Schedule, planned all the way to December so you have lots to choose from!

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   However you may notice that there seems to be a lack of sewing classes.  This is because our most excellent sewing instructor Jill Sullivan will be leaving the Coast.  Jill has been wonderfully supportive, always with a wise suggestion or a new idea, and she will be missed terribly.  We want to thank her for her time and energy and wish her all the best in her new home!

   As such we are now hiring sewing instructors!  We’re looking for friendly, engaging folks who want to help others learn about the joys of sewing.  Some examples of classes we’re especially looking to hold are Beginner Sewing, Beginner Quilting and Machine Sewing for Kids, but we are also very open to ideas of things that you would be passionate about teaching.

   We are also very interested in hiring a crochet instructor.  This is a fibre art that is growing in practice and we would love to help make more happy hookers!  Again, we’re looking for someone open and engaging who loves to share their skills with others.

   If teaching sparks your interest please send us an email with a little bit about yourself, your teaching and making experience and what sorts of things you would be interested in teaching!
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