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Easter 2014 Hours!

Happy Easter! Sew Easy is under new ownership (in case you didn’t know)! The old owners have decided to retire after nearly 15 years, and Jenny and Alton are the new faces (along with their young daughter Sara). Feel free to stop in and say hi, introduce yourself, and let us know what it is you like to make. We know this website is horribly out of date, and we’ll be overhauling (or replacing) it as soon as we...

November 11 Hours

Sew Easy will be open from Noon to Four for your after-the-cenotaph shopping. See you there!

Happy November. Love that extra hour today!

I’m off to the store for the Sunday noon to four shift. Will any knitters gather with their projects? There are a lot of knitting needles waiting to be put away. That should be fun! It’s so sunny and beautiful out, but maybe knitters will want to gather anyway!

Summer Crafts: Rug Hooking Project

Rug hooking has always been a fun and easy project for almost anyone. Even grandfathers can do a mean hooked rug for a great handmade gift. Age: 10+ No experience required. Time: 4 hours and up Materials list: ?You?re probably not ready to rough out your own design on burlap just yet, but we?ve got some great kits in the Sew Easy store in Sechelt. $23.99 includes everything you need to make your first rug-hooked...

Plastic Loom Scarf Knitting Project

Learn how to create a scarf using an inexpensive plastic loom. The tutorial host in the third video is amazing – very well spoken without ums and ahhs, this young person is going far! Age 10+ Beginner knitting Materials list:This project can be done just with a pair of knitting needles or using one of the Spool or Loom kits we have in the store. Choose from our wide yarn selection for style and colours. Go to...